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About me

A Northwestern University graduate and a tennis player with over 18 years of experience in playing and teaching both private and group lessons to all age groups. Has played many university, state and national tournaments and gained expertise in tutoring, mentoring and motivating players. Has also conducted various seminars for players communicating tennis fitness endurance workouts, weight training, nutrition, agility and mental toughness.

Gear up and get in shape! Tennis is one of the most popular recreational sports played by all age groups. 

Whether you are newbie wanting to learn basic strokes and rallies , or a player who wants to improve their game, we can help you in achieve your desired goals. We offer tennis lessons at very affordable rates in Houston and nearby neighborhoods. Focus is both on private and group lessons, as well as strength and conditioning to enhance your flexibility and footwork. 





  • "This is my first time playing tennis. Shyam was very helpful and patient in teaching me the proper technique and footwork . I took a couple of lessons and since then, I have improved my forehand, backhand and volleys. He has a lot of passion for the game and is very friendly with his clients" - Jason 

  • “I played tennis as a kid and never got a chance to continue playing through high school and college. I wanted to get back in shape. Shyam has definitely helped me in revamping my groundstrokes and serve. He is very knowledgable about the game and more importantly a great teacher . Definitely going back again in the spring! " - Bianca

  • “I have always had problems with my backhand , which is considered one of the tougher shots in tennis. The tennis lessons have  definitely helped me in getting more confidence in my single handed backhand during matches" - Chelsea

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